Texas Gets First Vegan Cat Café

The new Austin coffee shop offers cat adoptions and a plant-based food truck.


The first cat café in Texas opened Saturday with felines from local rescue organizations available for adoption. Located in Austin, The Blue Cat Café offers beverages inside and a food truck with vegan fare outside on the patio. “It only makes sense if our core is animal love … to go vegan and not eat animals,” owner Rebecca Gray said. The business raised funds to open the space on Kickstarter, and successfully met its $60,000 goal earlier this year. A system of shelves, a tall cat tree, and kitty-friendly furniture are all design features to benefit the space’s feline friends. An online store for cat supplies is also going live, allowing new guardians to provide everything they needs for their new companions. The Blue Cat Café joins countless other cat cafés worldwide and even other vegan ones such as Café Venosa in Montreal.

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