Vegan Hot Dog Campaign Launches in LA to Help Dogs

Los Angeles beer pub Tony’s Darts Away will raise money for dogs by selling celebrity-crafted vegan hot dogs.


This November, Burbank, CA-based beer pub Tony’s Darts Away will donate one dollar from a special vegan hot dog menu as part of its Dogs for Dogs campaign. Each week, a different dog created by national tastemakers will be featured, with proceeds benefiting The Beagle Freedom Project, an organization that rescues beagles from animal experimentation. Choosing from a selection of 20 ingredients, dog varieties include Los Angeles promoter Nic Adler’s “Frito Pie,” a combination of vegan chili, Fritos, Daiya cheddar cheese, and red onion. Those visiting between November 23 and 27 will find the “LBCaesar,” a Tofurky kielbasa with romaine lettuce, tomato, capers, and a cashew-based Caesar dressing developed by VegNews senior editor Ryan Ritchie.

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