<i>Bustle</i> Takes Down Vegan Thanksgiving Clichés

Bustle Takes Down Vegan Thanksgiving Clichés

Media outlet helps readers combat the inevitable dinner conversations this Thanksgiving.

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In a recent story for media outlet Bustle, writer—and recent vegan—Rachel Krantz equipped readers with helpful comebacks to address the most common clichés vegans will hear around the Thanksgiving table. To combat the belief that “it’s not Thanksgiving without a turkey,” Krantz suggests responding with, “It makes me feel even more grateful that I can both allow animals to live and have enough food to survive.” If someone states, “I bet you think you’re better than me,” Krantz says to turn the tables and ask, “Why would you think that?” as a way of initiating dialogue. Krantz says she “can’t think of a better holiday for opening up a dialogue about eating animals,” before ending the feature with a link to “Lisa the Vegetarian,” the best episode of The Simpsons ever.

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