Top Restaurant Goes Dairy-Free Without Diners Noticing

Top Restaurant Goes Dairy-Free Without Diners Noticing

The restaurant, located in one of London’s finest luxury hotels, ditched dairy and gluten months ago.


Executive chef Dominic Teague of the award-winning Indigo restaurant in London’s One Aldwych Hotel recently revealed that he swapped dairy for vegan alternatives from his menu three months ago without guests knowing the difference. Inspired by his wife and mother who suffer from food sensitivities, Teague said he quietly removed both dairy and gluten from the new lunch and dinner menus launched during the summer. “No one has said anything. We have regulars who have all given great comments about the new menu but not about it being gluten- or dairy-free,” Teague told the London Evening Standard. “A few people have been told after. Most can’t believe it. We have had loads of people coming back.”

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