Vegan Taste Test Video Goes Viral

Vegan Taste Test Video Goes Viral

Kale and kombucha sampled by first-timers receives 13 million views in one day.


A video released by media group We are mitú entitled “Cholos Try Vegan Food” went viral thanks to four self-described “cholos”—a slang word in Spanish for gangsters—trying Rhythm Superfood’s kale chips and Health-Ade kombucha. During the kale tasting, one man says, “It looks like marijuana to me” adding, “This is going to get me arrested. I’m on parole, G.” After tasting the chips, he says, “I just want more of this [expletive].” When it came time to taste the kombucha, after deciding that it is not in fact chloroform or a tribe featured on National Geographic, the “cholos” agreed that they liked it. The taste test concluded with one of the cholos pointing out that the kombucha was organic and raw, much like him.

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