Walmart Surpasses Whole Foods as #1 Seller of Just Mayo

Walmart Surpasses Whole Foods as #1 Seller of Just Mayo

The retail giant started carrying Just Mayo late last year to much consumer excitement.


According to news website Quartz, Walmart now sells more Just Mayo vegan mayonnaise than any other retailer in the world. The Hampton Creek condiment got its first boost from Walmart’s massive distribution—more than 4,000 stores—in late 2014, after previously amassing much of its sales from Whole Foods Market and specialty stores. But mainstream consumers at the mega-chain are proving to be fans of the eggless mayonnaise currently dominating the news. “Conscious consumers will only get you so far,” co-founder Josh Tetrick told Quartz. “But if you create something that tastes better, that’s affordable, and make it easy for everyone to access, that’s how change is going to happen.” Compass Group—the largest foodservice company in the world, serving more than four billion meals a year to offices, schools, sports venues, and hospitals—also recently announced a transition to Just Mayo for its dressings and mayonnaise recipes, a partnership certain to further solidify the San Francisco start-up’s place as a disruptive innovator in today’s food landscape.

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