Yahoo! Reveals Top Thanksgiving Trends

Millennials enjoy meatless dishes but don’t like cranberry sauce.


Yahoo! recently surveyed Americans across the nation to learn more about their Thanksgiving traditions and discovered that 10 percent of respondents said they would be serving a meatless entrée at the yearly feast. Many of these respondents were millennials, who are three times more likely to include a veg dish compared to older generations. Millennials also widely disapproved of long-time Thanksgiving staple cranberry sauce—33 percent said they hated it and half of them aren’t serving it at all. For a majority of those who do like the tart ruby-red sauce, however, canned is preferred to freshly made, which likely harkens to the nostalgic days of ready-to-eat convenience. Furthermore, the study found water to be the most popular Thanksgiving drink, beating wine, coffee, soda, tea, and beer, with 49 percent of Americans saying they prefer the pure beverage to sugar- or alcohol-loaded refreshments.

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