Bacon and Sausage Sales Fall By $4.4 Million in the UK

Bacon and Sausage Sales Fall By $4.4 Million in the UK

Processed meats have taken a big hit in the United Kingdom, as Brits take heed of the World Health Organization’s recent report.


Following the World Health Organization’s October study categorizing processed meat as a cancer-causing carcinogen, recent reports show that sales of sausage and bacon in the United Kingdom fell by roughly $4.4 million. According to The Guardian, packaged sausage sales decreased 15.7 percent by the end of October, while bacon dropped 17 percent. Sales continued to slide throughout November and have yet to recover, despite being heavily marketed around Bonfire Night, a British holiday during which many observers barbecue. “It’s interesting that we saw these trends across all of the retailers, not just some,” Martin Wood, Head of Strategic Insight at market research company IRI told The Guardian. “While there have been links between certain types of meat and some forms of cancer before, this announcement from a highly respected global body was picked up widely by the media and has had an immediate impact on some people’s shopping choices.”

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