New Netflix Program Debuts with Vegetarian Trailer

Dawn of the Croods is a Flintstones-esque animated comedy that features “veggie-eatians.”


The television adaptation of Dreamworks’ 3D animated film The Croods—retitled Dawn of the Croods—recently released a trailer that questions the consumption of meat. The series, a Netflix Original slated for release December 24, follows “the first family,” a group of characters from the “Croodacous”—a fictional prehistoric era when the “Croods” first came in contact with homosapiens. The trailer features curious teenage daughter Eep Crood—originally voiced in the movie by Emma Stone—interrupting her family while they eat a meatball to question why consuming meat is necessary. Eep points out that another character Bulk is a “veggie-eatian” and eats only plants, to which Gran, the off-kilter grandmother character, responds with, “the first veggie-eatian lived years ago.” Other Netflix Original series such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards have historically captured large audiences for the streaming service.

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