Vegan Recipes: Top 10 Search Term on Pinterest in 2015

Vegan Recipes: Top 10 Search Term on Pinterest in 2015

Online pinboard reveals “vegan recipes” as a popular search term in several countries.


According to its recently released 2015 year-end report, online visual tool Pinterest recognized “vegan recipes” as a top search term amongst its users. Pinterest revealed the most-searched terms for six different countries—namely the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. In addition to Harry Potter, small tattoos, and Scandinavian interiors, US users were most interested in vegan recipes. While Pinterest users in the UK searched pork pies and toad in the hole (an egg dish), they were also interested in Meat-free Mondays. Furthermore, Germany’s users were interested in baking bread, racing bikes, and again, vegan recipes. Pinterest prides itself on being an idea-generating site and by the looks of it, the US, UK, and Germany all have the right ideas.

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