Vegan Snooker Player Wins Big at Championship Game

Neil Robertson scores maximum break score to win UK Championship final.


Vegan Neil Robertson recently won the United Kingdom’s snooker championship after competing against Chinese player Liang Wenbo. The billiards game is played with 22 balls—a cue, 15 red, and six that vary in color—and is scored per ball “potted” (hit into a pocket). The highest score possible is 147, which is rare, but during one of the series matches, Robertson cleared the table of balls in one continuous 14-minute run, and earned the coveted highest break score of 147. Game commentators stated that making the maximum during the UK final is “something truly special,” and exclaimed, “What a game! What a player!” as Robertson walked away from the table with the crowd cheering on its feet. Robertson went vegan earlier this year to “get the most out of [his] career” and stated that “It certainly makes me feel like a better person for the change and knowing we can get everything we need on a plant-based diet.” Robertson went on to win the entire series with a score of 10-5 and is the only Australian to have won a world-ranking event.

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