Victoria's Secret Models' Vegan Meal Plan Revealed

Victoria’s Secret Models’ Vegan Meal Plan Revealed

Business Insider reveals what’s Victoria’s Secret models eat while shooting annual fashion show.


In honor of the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Business Insider recently sampled Sakara Life, the meal delivery service popular among models for the lingerie brand. The not-so-incidentally vegan meal plan comes in at a staggering $109 a day, but aims to “make you feel beautiful in your body and to empower you through food.” The one-day package includes a “morning water” infused with rose, silica, and trace minerals; a gluten-free bagel made from flax, chia, hemp, and poppy seeds with a veggie-cashew cream; a samosa wrap on greens with kale and turmeric chutney dressing; a Le Baernadin chef-created soba-noodle bowl with zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, seeds, and Sriracha dressing; and a “night water” made from chlorella and trace minerals. Beauty water imbued with silica, which “makes your water wetter so your cells actually uptake more water,” $11 curry-cumin root vegetable chips, and an assortment of protein bars ($29 for a six-pack) were also available for purchase to enjoy along clean meals.

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