"Virtual Reality" Vegan Fragrances Launch in LA

“Virtual Reality” Vegan Fragrances Launch in LA

Perfumery Xyrena creates cruelty-free scents that smell like a gas station, theme-park water ride, and brand-new shoes.


Cruelty-free perfumery Xyrena has launched three avant-garde fragrances called Dark Side, Factory Fresh, and Xyrena 66 inspired by off-kilter odors. Proof that vegan companies lack nothing in the creativity department, Dark Ride is meant to evoke the scent of a water ride—think Disneyland’s Splash Mountain—and features notes of chlorinated water, pyrotechnics, and atmospheric mildew. Furthermore, Factory Fresh utilizes the odors of glue and rubber to create a new shoe smell, while Xyrena 66 combines notes of low-octane gasoline and motor oil to mimic the smell of the open road. In addition to these new signature scents, the company creates tribute fragrances dedicated to late celebrities such as Andy Kaufman and Aaliyah. This year, beauty companies have been making strides toward cruelty-free products with Wet n Wild’s replacement of animal fiber brushes with vegan materials and celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D’s announcement that her beauty line will soon phase out carmine—a colorant made from crushed insect bodies. “Not unlike virtual reality,” owner Killian Wells said, “we’re creating olfactory simulations that evoke real-world consciousness.”

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