Animal Abuses Found at Foster Farms' "Humane" Facilities

Animal Abuses Found at Foster Farms’ “Humane” Facilities

A new set of footage released this week shows baby chicks being suffocated or ground up alive.


On Monday, Mercy For Animals released a new video undercover footage revealing animal-rights abuses at Foster Farms facilities. The video—showing unwanted hatchlings being suffocated or ground up alive—was taken at a turkey hatchery in Fresno, CA, and displays baby chicks’ beaks and toes being burned off without anesthetic. The first video—released on June 17—was shot at a Fresno slaughterhouse, and resulted in the suspension of five employees. That footage showed workers throwing and punching chickens, ripping out their feathers, and scalding them alive because the chickens missed the slaughter blade. These actions contradict Foster Farms’ 2013 humane certification by the American Humane Association, prompting Mercy For Animals to release its “American Humane Scam” campaign.

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