Natalie Portman Attributes Great Skin to Veganism

Natalie Portman Attributes Great Skin to Veganism

The actress shares her secret to beautiful skin: a clean diet and lots of water.


While Hollywood actress Natalie Portman ditched her vegan ways during her pregnancy—opting to include some dairy products—the star now attributes her skin health to eating a vegan diet and staying hydrated. In a recent interview, Portman was asked how she keeps up with the minimal, no-make up style of French women (Portman and choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied now live in France), to which she responded, “I’m vegan, and I drink a lot of water. If I have dairy, I immediately break out.” She also reported that Paris is becoming more vegan-friendly, and that she has no trouble staying away from butter-laden croissants. Throughout the years, Portman has been an outspoken advocate for everything from sustainable fashion to fighting against air pollution.

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