New Vegan Game Introduced for Smartphones

Rescue farm animals from butchers while learning fun vegan facts on a new smartphone app.


Launched by Arvin Games last week, “Butcher Goes Vegan” is a smartphone game created to educate users about the similarities between food and companion animals. The object of the app is to maneuver a cow, chicken, pig, sheep, turkey (named Tofurky), and a mystery animal around obstacles such as butchers and cleavers. To give game-players insight into “the truth about meat, the slaughter of animals, and veganism,” every opening screen has a pro-vegan message such as “only animals should wear fur” while a cow pops up with a similar message each time a player loses. The mobile gaming industry has an audience of nearly 1 billion, and the team behind “Butcher Goes Vegan” will be offering free sponsorships to non-governmental organizations and compassionate companies to help promote a plant-based lifestyle.

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