38 Percent of Pizza Lovers Demand Dairy-Free

38 Percent of Pizza Lovers Demand Dairy-Free

Study finds millennials value health and environmental issues, driving food companies to offer more sustainable options.


Researchers at the Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK), a firm specializing in studying the consumption patterns of millennials, were surprised by their findings in a recent study about pizza consumption habits. Breaking with the notion that pizza consumers are overweight college kids, the study revealed that “pizza lovers,” defined by people who buy frozen pizza and order it at restaurants, are mostly women under 35 years old who exercise twice per week. Researchers also found that pizza-lovers of the same age value health and environmental issues when it comes to choosing their pizza, with 52 percent of respondents choosing organic ingredients and 38 percent looking for dairy-free options. Companies are particularly interested in monitoring the behavioral patterns of millennials, as the group (aged 19–35) is becoming the highest-spending demographic. CGK chief strategy officer Jason Dorsey stated that health and environmental concerns as a driving factor for consumption is “not a fad. It’s not a snapshot in time,” adding, “This is a real value that drives their decisions.” To capitalize on millennial preferences for more sustainable, cruelty-free food, companies such as Subway, Pinkberry, Chipotle, and Wendy’s are offering an increasing amount of vegan options while the dairy industry desperately tries to reach millennials through new media.

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