Burger King India Caters to Vegetarians

The chain offers six meat-free sandwiches to cater to the nation’s 300 million vegetarians.


While Burger King introduced a vegetarian burger at US locations in 2002, in India, the chain offers six different vegetarian sandwiches that aim to cater to the country’s population of 300 million vegetarians. The veg sandwich line-up includes a Spicy Bean Royale, a seven-inch sub with a patty made out of kidney beans, and a veg Whopper. The menu is completely devoid of beef and the restaurants are equipped with dual production lines for vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. Burger King has been operating in India, the 100th country it entered, since 2014, and has found success with its specially developed vegetarian menu. While Burger King has not confirmed specific plans to expand its vegetarian menu into the US market, Raj Varman, CEO of Burger King India stated, “Looking at the response here, the global management is evaluating introducing some of these options going forward to other vegetarian-friendly markets like the UK.” To stay competitive, McDonald’s also features six vegetarian sandwich options in India, but its US menus do not offer a single meat-free sandwich.

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