Buzzfeed Raves About Vegan Restaurants

The popular website rounds up 24 vegan restaurants, exclaiming “Let the meat-free feasting begin!”


Buzzfeed writer Lauren Paul rounded up a “culinary bucket list” of 24 vegan restaurants across America, showcasing gorgeous meat-free dishes and raving about every bite. While expected favorites such as Candle 79, Crossroads Kitchen, and Millennium made the list, Paul went a step further to include lesser-known gems as well. According to Paul, the sandwiches at Salt Lake City’s Buds are “just as sloppy and drool-worthy as any deli” while the morning offerings at Seattle’s Plum Bistro will “convince you that vegan brunch is the only brunch worth having.” Buzzfeed isn’t the only mainstream site raving about vegan food, as Yahoo has been featuring vegan desserts, and Upworthy recently called Amy’s Drive Thru—a new vegetarian fast food restaurant in Northern California—“a ridiculous success.”

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