Farm Sanctuary to Honor Morrissey and Jon Stewart at Gala

The animal protection organization celebrates compassionate celebrities, among others, at its New York City gala in October.


Singer Morrissey, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, and Stewart’s wife Tracey are among the list of people being recognized for their efforts to promote compassion toward farm animals at an October 24 event hosted by Farm Sanctuary. The Stewarts are being honored for numerous reasons, including their purchase of New Jersey land that will be used to rescue farm animals; Jon’s increased discussion of the plight of farm animals on his show—including a guest appearance from Farm Sanctuary president Gene Baur; and Tracey’s book, Do Unto Animals, slated for an October release. Also a longtime animal-rights activist, Morrissey asked Madison Square Garden to go vegan for his performance at the venue earlier this year. “My firm hope, of course, is that all people will arrive at sophisticated and compassionate enlightenment by understanding how the hidden hell of factory farming, slaughterhouses, and dairy farming is destroying the planet far more than any other known entity, and is an unimaginably evil torture for animals who ask for nothing but to be allowed a chance to live their lives,” he said in regard to Farm Sanctuary and his upcoming award.

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