Sinfull Bakery Cookies

We can’t get enough of these jumbo vegan cookies made in Texas.


On the ultra-moist side of the vegan baked goods spectrum, every cookie from Houston-based Sinfull Bakery is downright delicious. In flavors such as peanut butter, double chocolate, oatmeal raisin, and cranberry orange, these cookies are big enough to split into two (until the other half becomes too tempting to share). The peanut butter cookie is the crumbliest of the bunch, the double chocolate packs the flavor it promises, and the oatmeal raisin is soft and perfect with a glass of cold almond milk. The bakery makes an assortment of baked goods (hello, Coconut Dream Bars), and we also dove into its supple pumpkin cream cheese loaf in the middle of summer with zero qualms about eating it during the wrong season. To sin with dessert, get your hands on these cookies by ordering them right online.

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