Vegan Chili Combats Hunger Among Homeless

Non-profit organization distributes plant-based meals to food-insecure individuals.


Brooklyn-based Chilis on Wheels (CoW) has been providing vegan chili to people in need of a warm, healthy meal since late 2014. The company began after founder Michelle Carrera looked for a soup kitchen that would serve a vegan Thanksgiving meal where she could volunteer. When she was unsuccessful, Carrera decided she would cook her own chili and serve it to people directly. “We believe in treating all living beings with kindness, empathy, and respect regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, ability, ethnicity, class, circumstance, environment, level of addiction, or species,” the organization says on its website. “Our core principle is veganism, extending compassion and respect to all.” CoW provides emergency food relief for homeless people (and dogs), vegan education, and youth engagement. The group also has chapters in San Diego, Portland, OR, Denver, New York City, and Puerto Rico, and is open to recruiting in new cities.