Worldwide Tour Showcases Vegan Food in 193 Countries

Blog campaign shows that you can be vegan in every country on the planet.


Last week, travel blog Vegan Wanderlust completed its goal of documenting vegan food in all 193 countries (as identified by the United Nations) with a photo of a vegan feast platter featuring spiced chickpeas, ital patties, and plum rose salad from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In an effort to show that eating vegan food is possible in every country, Ryan Huling and Joel Bartlett, the duo behind the site and professional animal-rights activists, teamed up with more than 100 backpackers, bloggers, and chefs from around to world to post one food item from a different country every day until they represented all 193. To debunk the stereotype that veganism is for the wealthy, white, and Western, the pair posted dishes such as steamed vegetable dumplings from Bhutan, “puff-puff”—beignet-style fried dough balls— from Cameroon, and hibiscus enchiladas from Honduras. The travelers reminded readers that “the countries that took the longest were not because vegan food wasn’t available, but because they are so far off the grid that diners with cameras are few and far between.”

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