Chickpea Meringue Featured in Next Issue of Cook’s Illustrated

Miracle chickpea brine to be examined by mainstream food magazine.


Earlier this year, the vegan world was rocked by the discovery that chickpea brine—also known as aquafaba—can be whipped into traditional meringue recipes. Now, the revelation will be featured in an upcoming issue of mainstream food publication Cook’s Illustrated. The vegan egg white substitute is currently being examined in America’s Test Kitchen (ATK), a recipe-testing facility outside of Boston that showcases its recipes, findings, and tips via several print and media outlets. In a recent photo posted on ATK’s feed, Cook’s Illustrated associate editor Lan Lam is seen baking several trays of piped chickpea-based meringues. ATK said they’re “looking into legumes as a suitable stand-in for whipped whites,” and asks, “is this strange substitution worth a hill of garbanzo beans?” According to the more than 25,000-member Facebook group of vegan meringue testers, the answer is a resounding “yes it is!” VegNews covers the miracle brine in the current edition of the magazine.

Photo courtesy of Olives for Dinner

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