Documentary Shows Life of an Undercover Investigator

New film highlights the experience of an activist’s time on a factory farm.


Animal-rights organization Mercy For Animals has released a 10-minute documentary called What Cody Saw that details factory-farm atrocities witnessed by an undercover investigator named Cody Carlson. The video highlights veganism, the philosophy behind standing up to cruelty, and graphic footage of standard practices Carlson saw. These practices included a lack of veterinary care, mutilation without painkillers, fish being skinned alive, bodies mangled from cages, babies separated from their mothers at only a few days old, and the use of small pens and cages such as gestation crates. “This was like seeing something straight out of a horror film, only it was real, and it was going on every single day,” Carlson said. In 2012, Carlson wrote an extensive VegNews piece about his experiences on these farms.

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