<i>Food and Wine</i> Magazine Interviews Famed Vegan Author

Food and Wine Magazine Interviews Famed Vegan Author

Cookbook author and restaurateur Isa Chandra Moskowitz shares why she loves being vegan with the mainstream food magazine.


This week, Food and Wine interviewed Isa Chandra Moskowitz, famed author of myriad vegan cookbooks (including the classic Vegan with a Vengeance) regarding the current state of plant-based diets. The magazine asked why now is a good time to expand her brand and what she found exciting about veganism today. Moskowitz stated, “Vegan cuisine is getting taken seriously as a cuisine,” adding that, “we’re at a point now when people aren’t asking, ‘How could you live without [meat]?’ Once people experience cashew cream and lentils as meat, they’re like, ‘How did I ever live without this?’” Moskowitz is also the owner of Modern Love, a vegan restaurant in Omaha, NE, and plans to open a second location in Brooklyn next year. The author and restaurateur’s new Brooklyn venture will “play around more with what Brooklynites are used to eating,” and will include a Jewish twist to reflect the heritage of Moskowitz and her investment partners.

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