Limited Edition of Vegan Ruffles Chips to Hit Store Shelves

Cult Canadian favorite All Dressed will hit market this week.


Potato chip brand Ruffles has announced that it is introducing its Canadian best-seller All Dressed to the United States between September 14 and December 7. While the flavor beloved by our northern neighbors is somewhat hard to describe, general consensus places it as a mixture of salt and vinegar, barbecue, and ketchup flavors with a hint of paprika. Even better than this flavor amalgamation is the fact that, according to Ruffles, “there are no animal or dairy ingredients in Ruffles All Dressed.” “You don’t know quite what to expect when you put Ruffles All Dressed chips in your mouth,” said Dana Lawrence, senior director of marketing at Ruffles’ parent company, Frito-Lay. “That’s part of the charm and discovery.” VegNews will be conducting a taste-test of the new chip flavor.

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