Zagat Names LA Vegan Chef as Culinary Talent to Watch

Chef Michael Falso of The Springs is the only vegan to be honored on the annual list.


Chef Michael Falso of Los Angeles restaurant The Springs is the only vegan cook to be featured on Zagat’s recently released list of 30 culinary talents under 30 to watch. The 28-year-old got his start at The Culinary Institute of America and worked under Mario Batali at New York’s Del Posto, but went vegan “overnight after having a life-altering experiences while dining at Pure Food and Wine in NYC,” he said. Since then, Falso went raw, lost 100 pounds, moved from New York to Los Angeles, and is now heading health and wellness urban sanctuary The Springs in LA’s Arts District. There, he’s wowing customers with holistic raw dishes such as Spaghetti Alla Carbonara made with zucchini noodles, black pepper cream, smoked coconut bacon, fresh mint, and black olives. “I’m really really honored to have been selected not only because it’s Zagat and that we’re the only vegan restaurant as far as I can tell in all of their 30 under 30s,” Falso said, “but also because we are a 100 percent raw and organic restaurant in addition to being vegan. To be taken so seriously by mainstream along with the other honorees is seriously awesome.”