<i>Associated Press</i> Names Top 5 Vegans to Watch in 2016

Associated Press Names Top 5 Vegans to Watch in 2016

A chef, blogger, cheese maker, clothing designer, and senator are notable vegans the publication urges readers to get to know.


In a recent feature touting that “2016 is shaping up to be a fine time to get in touch with your inner vegan,” Associated Press spotlighted five vegan “front-runners” who readers should be following. While New York City-based fashion designer Lyz Olko is decidedly not vegan—as she uses recycled leather in her clothing lines—the other four prominent vegans are worth noting: Oh She Glows blogger Angela Liddon’s first book landed on the newspaper’s best-seller list; United State Senator (NJ) Cory Booker is actively reforming animal-rights legislation; Miyoko Schinner is revolutionizing vegan cheese by applying traditional cheese-making methods to a cashew base; and Philadelphia chef Rich Landau of award-winning restaurant Vedge is redefining fine-dining by coaxing flavors from vegetables through smoking, pickling, brining, curing, and roasting. This feature—along with recent coverage by reputable publications such as Los Angeles Times, Cosmopolitan, and Food & Wine Magazine—demonstrates that the vegan movement has permeated everything from food to politics and bestows recognition on some of the people responsible for propelling the vegan movement forward.

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