Canadians Demand Vegan Pastries at Tim Horton's

Canadians Demand Vegan Pastries at Tim Horton’s

Coffee-and-pastry chain is the subject of a petition with close to 20,000 signatures.

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Canadian Renee Gosse recently launched a petition asking Elías Díaz Sesé—the president of coffee-and-pastry chain Tim Horton’s—to offer vegan pastries on its menu. The chain has been serving Canada and parts of the US since 1964 and, according to Gosse, is a household name and a company that gives back to the community through programs such as Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, Camp Day, and Timbits Minor Sports. Gosse points out that the community served by Tim Horton’s—which currently only offers animal-based foods—also includes vegans and those that have allergies and/or are lactose intolerant. “It is 2016,” Gosse said, “and there are a ton of milk, egg, and cheese alternatives.” Gosse also asked that Tim Horton’s “provide all Canadians with the opportunity to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or snack, vegans included.” Many chain restaurants—such as Subway, Taco Bell, and Pinkberry—have recently heeded customer demands for vegan options.

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