CBS Goes Inside California Vegan School

CBS Goes Inside California Vegan School

News network checks in with Muse School in Calabasas to find that kids are learning to garden and eat well.


Last week, CBS’ Los Angeles affiliate visited the nation’s first all-vegan school in Calabasas, CA to find that children were excitedly engaging in farming, eating the produce they grew, and learning to eat well. Since last year, Muse School—which spans two campuses, caters to 140 students from early childhood until 12th grade, and is the brainchild of Susy Amis Cameron and her sister Rebecca Amis—shifted to an exclusively plant-based menu. The school also educates parents and children about making better food choices and actively encourages hands-on cultivation of whole foods through its seed-to-table program. In the news segment, fifth grader Emma Leyson showed reporter Stephanie Simmons her strawberry plant and explained that she and her classmates“pretty much eat everything we plant for lunch.” Program director Paul Hudak raved that the school has “kindergartners eating kale! And I didn’t know what kale was until I was 19,” adding, “once they plant that seed and they grow it through, they are deeply invested in that.” To explain the need for a vegan menu, Head of Muse School Jeff King stated, “We can’t say that we’re an environmental school and teach sustainability and serve animal products.”

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