Facebook Bans Bullfighting Photos in Spain

Facebook Bans Bullfighting Photos in Spain

Spanish users can now report bullfighting photos as animal abuse.

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In addition to already-accepted offenses such as pornography, discrimination, and unauthorized use of intellectual property, Facebook users in Spain can now report bullfighting photographs as inappropriate. While reporting animal abuse currently exists on Facebook, until this particular ban, reports of abusive and torturous behavior toward animals normally used for food or entertainment went unreported. While bullfighting supporters were outraged—such as one spokeswoman for an organization that breeds bulls for fights saying that “it is unfair that they are comparing an art form with violent content”—many were pleased that depictions of bullfighting were a reportable offense. Several regions in Spain such as Barcelona and Villafranca de los Caballeros—which appropriated bullfighting subsidy funds to the purchase of books for schools—have recently banned bullfighting. While the social media site only enforced the ban for a few days, this action symbolizes the recognition that violence and exploitation of all animals should equally be grounds for review.

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