Fiorina Calls on Pork Producers to "Restore Nation's Character"

Fiorina Calls on Pork Producers to “Restore Nation’s Character”

Presidential hopeful chided an audience member for implying that pork production is cruel, citing his question as “exactly why we need to take our country back.”


Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina had some choice words for an animal-rights advocate last week during a town hall meeting in Oskaloosa, IA. Matt Johnson, a member of Direct Action Everywhere, was called upon for a question at the Iowa Pork Congress, an annual event celebrating the state’s pork industry. “These animals are individuals with unique personalities,” Johnson said. “They like to play, and oftentimes many of them are very affectionate. They have a vibrance about them and an emotional intelligence and a curiosity about them, very similar to cats and dogs, and similar to children. Knowing this, how could it ever be acceptable to unnecessarily exploit, harm, and kill someone simply because they’re in a weak and vulnerable position and they happen to be born differently than ourselves?” Fiorina replied with, “Wow. Sorry, but wow,” drawing cheers from the crowd of mostly pork producers. The former Hewlett-Packard CEO went on to reprimand Johnson, saying he “ought to be very happy that these people produce food for this state, this country, and the world.” Johnson then stood up and displayed a poster depicting two piglets to the jeering supporters and was quickly escorted out, but not before Fiorina mused, “I really wish there was that much passion in that young man for unborn children as there are for pigs,” which received a standing ovation from the audience of approximately 50. “Ladies and gentleman, this is exactly why we need to take our country back. We are being told to sit down and be quiet about our god, about our guns, about what’s going on in the abortion industry. People think they can come in here and say that you’re cruel. For heaven’s sakes folks, we gotta restore the character of this nation.” Fiorina’s stance is markedly different from Clifton Roberts’, the vegan presidential candidate nominated by the ethical, animal-inclusive Humane Party.

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