First Freezer-Free Vegan Ice Cream Shop Opens in Australia

First Freezer-Free Vegan Ice Cream Shop Opens in Australia

Liquid nitrogen-frozen white chocolate ‘space shakes’ with vegan marshmallows and caramel hot fudge now available in the Land Down Under.


Space Bars—an innovative new ice cream pop-up in New South Wales, Australia—is capitalizing on the liquid nitrogen craze of today’s ice creameries to create creamy, instant vegan ice cream. Headed by duo Kashina Crabbe and Katie Eves, Space Bar offers organic flavors such as Vanilla Bean Dream and Chocolate Milky Way made in front of patrons, piled with gluten-free fudge brownies, scooped into housemade waffle cones, and topped with Dandies vegan marshmallows, handmade sprinkles, organic nuts, whipped cream, and homemade chocolate and caramel hot fudge. Chocolate, mint, chai, caramel, vanilla, banana, hazelnut, and white chocolate “space shakes” can also be blended for those looking for a sippable nitro-charged treat. Crabbe and Eves say they started Space Bars to “invite others on our journey to a more sustainable and peaceful existence on our tiny speck in the universe,” which is also evident in their commitment to donating 20 percent of profits to local animal organizations. Space Bars launched less than a month ago at the Brisbane Vegan Festival but plans for a regular space to open mid-January in Lismore, New South Wales is already underway.

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