Hollywood Actor Opens Vegan-Friendly Taco Shop

Machete’s Danny Trejo puts tofu and other vegan options on his menu to serve “a big movement.”


In a recent feature in the Los Angeles Times, actor Danny Trejo—who starred in movies such as Machete and From Dusk Till Dawn—revealed that his newly opened Los Angeles taco shop Trejo’s Tacos will be as vegan-friendly as possible to serve what his business partner/film producer Ash Shah says “is a big movement now.” Trejos partnered with former Cook’s County chef Daniel Mattern to craft a 10-taco menu featuring black pepper tofu tacos with Serrano chilies, deep-fried avocado tacos, house-fermented salsas, and beverages such as kombucha. Furthermore, all remaining food at closing is donated to a homeless shelter.

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