Milk Producers React to Trader Joe’s Soy Milk Lawsuit

Following a ruling that Trader Joe’s has the right to use the word “milk” in its soy milks, a national group of milk producers are voicing their dissent.


After a San Francisco judge dismissed a complaint against Trader Joe’s alleging it was misleading customers by using the word “milk” in its line of soy milks, a national group of dairy producers is speaking out against the decision. The National Milk Producers Federation is expressing its disappointment in federal judge Vince Chhabria’s decision to side with vegan milk earlier this month, saying that plant-based milk producers’ use of the word “milk” equates to economic deception. The group also takes issue with the US Food and Drug and Administration, saying the agency has failed to properly enforce a standard of identity. However, it would seem consumers have made their decision when it comes to plant-based alternatives, as sales of plant milks have skyrocketed, different companies continue to garner accolades, and trends toward cruelty-free beverages/food look to remain strong through 2016.