New Apple Museum to House Vegan Café in Honor of Steve Jobs

As a tribute to Jobs’ famous diet, the museum will soon offer raw vegan food.


A new museum dedicated to the Apple brand and its founder Steve Jobs recently opened in Prague, Czech Republic with an on-site raw vegan bistro slated to open in honor of Job’s diet. The museum also contains the world’s largest collection of Apple products from 1972 to 2012 and features rare gadgets such as Apple camera accessories, printers, and the Apple II computer—which was first introduced at the West Coast Computer Faire in 1977. While it is housed in a historic 12th century building, the museum holds to the sleek aesthetic of the Apple brand, allowing visitors to trace the evolution of products such as the iPod, MacBook, and iPhone through visual displays of models throughout the brand’s history. Inspiring quotes from Jobs—“Think Different”—along with notes, contracts, and mementos appear on the museum walls. All profits from ticket sales are donated to charity. The café’s menu will be unveiled soon as the opening approaches.

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