Ohio State Student Petitions to Bring Just Mayo to Dining Hall

Scholar is hoping her petition will prompt Ohio State University to make more sustainable food choices.


Ohio State University (OSU) student Stephanie Sopczak recently launched a petition on in an effort to bring Hampton Creek’s vegan products to her school’s dining hall. Sopczak, a passionate advocate for sustainability, reveals that by switching to eggless products, the university will prevent two million grams of carbon emissions, save two million quarts of water, and protect 29,000 square feet of land. Sopczak says that “Just Mayo and Just Cookies [are] far more sustainable—yet as delicious—versions of their conventional counterparts” and hopes her petition (which currently has 500 signatures) will prompt OSU to partner with Hampton Creek. Last year, schools such as Yale University, Rutgers University, University of Connecticut, and University of Wisconsin worked with with Hampton Creek in order to reduce their carbon footprints.

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