Popular News Site Gives Top Reasons to Ditch Dairy

Popular News Site Gives Top Reasons to Ditch Dairy

Metro attributes going dairy-free to better skin, improved digestion, and lower risk of cancers.


British news outlet Metro recently published an article detailing five health benefits when eliminating dairy from a diet. The story dispelled the myth of increased milk consumption being associated with stronger bones, citing a Harvard University study of nearly 78,000 participants in which no link was found between an increase in milk consumption and a decrease in bone fracture risk. Another study found that those who drank three or more glasses of milk a week were at an increased risk for ovarian cancer, while yet another found that those who had a mere 600 milligrams of calcium from dairy per day had a 32 percent higher risk of prostate cancer. Furthermore, added anabolic steroids and growth hormones were at the center of research that suggested a link between dairy milk and acne. Possible improved digestion also was touted, with 65 percent of the population’s difficulty digesting dairy cited. Fortunately, now is as good a time as ever to go dairy-free, with new innovative new options hitting the market and a booming dairy-free industry abounding.

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