Popular UK Band Offers Limited Edition Vegan Burger

Popular UK Band Offers Limited Edition Vegan Burger

Award-winning metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon has created its own plant-based barbecue rib-topped double cheeseburger to be sold in the UK.


Popular British rock band Bring Me the Horizon is teaming with United Kingdom-based Twisted Burger Company to offer a limited-edition all-vegan burger. The “Bring Me the Burger” sandwich consists of two “beef” patties, seitan barbecue “ribs,” American “cheese,” cherry bomb barbecue sauce, gherkin pickles, and lettuce on a vegan roll, and will be available for a limited time at Twisted Burger Company locations in the UK. Collaborating on towering-high cruelty-free burgers isn’t the extent of the quintet’s animal activism—frontman Oli Sykes has been featured in PETA2 campaigns and guitarist (and 13-year-vegan) Jona Weinhofen has been an outspoken advocate for animal-rights, saying in an interview with PETA Deutschland, “I found for me personally the easiest way to think about things was to not actually think about the products I was boycotting as food, but for what they actually were—for instance, the flesh of an animal or the embryo of a chicken.”

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