Popular UK Cookbook Author Goes Vegan After Veganuary

Popular UK Cookbook Author Goes Vegan After Veganuary

Jack Monroe says “cooking has taken on a new life” after ditching meat.


Jack Monroe, a celebrated cookbook author and writer based in the United Kingdom, made headlines this week after penning an opinion piece on The Guardian’s website detailing the end of their (Monroe prefers plural pronouns to describe himself) “meat addiction” thanks to Veganuary, and their transition into full-fledged veganism. The 27-year-old author, whose past culinary contributions to The Guardian include a blood pudding served with soft-boiled eggs and a rabbit stew, chronicled their past attempts to give up meat, but how “like a junkie” they always caved in for bacon, sardines, roast chicken, and the like. However, Veganuary (the popular January-long challenge in which people resolve to eat plant-based) and an introduction to the Indian philosophy of food via a curry cookbook made a big impact on Monroe, who quickly went from seeing veganism as restrictive to an opportunity for new food ventures. “Now I have found my cooking has taken on a whole new life, a veritable riot of color and flavor and deliciousness,” they said. “I manage to shop in half the time, as I can avoid most of the aisles in the supermarket, yet my cupboards have never been more varied and enticing.” Now, blood pudding has taken a permanent back seat to “deep-fried spicy kidney beans alongside a mushroom rogan josh, heavy aubergine bhuna, and black bean tarkari.” The chef, who runs the recipe website cookingonabootstrap.com, said audiences can expect to see “a lot more curry from now on.”

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