UK Warns of Possible Milk Contamination in Coconut Drinks

Precautions come after severe reactions and even death have occurred after mislabeling incidents.

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The United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency has issued a warning regarding coconut drinks after finding cow-based milk in various coconut milk and juice drinks on the market. The contamination may stem from producers in Asia adding dairy to coconut milk, the agency said, to make it appear whiter and to cut costs. “At this stage, we do not believe it is necessary to instigate an investigation into all coconut drinks in the UK market,” an FSA spokeswoman said. “However, further investigations may involve random testing of the products if necessary.” The testing may very well be needed, as this isn’t the first time dairy contamination in coconut drinks have been found. The Telegraph reports that last year Australia ordered similar testing following a nine-year-old’s collapse from a severe allergic reaction and the death of a 10-year-old, both of whom had consumed tainted coconut milk beverages imported from Asia.

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