Vegan Boutique in England Shattering "Hippie" Stereotype

Vegan Boutique in England Shattering “Hippie” Stereotype

UK’s vegan shop Vx Bristol proves that veganism “should never be a brown rice and lentil hell or flavorless penance.”


According to United Kingdom publication The Bristol Post, the newly-opened Vx Bristol vegan shop is changing the stereotype of veganism, as the shop is described as “more punk rock than hippy hippy shake.” Vx Bristol recently opened as the second location of the all-vegan, junk food-selling shop of the same name in London—which in 2010 was the first vegan boutique store of its kind in the UK. Claiming to be “the best thing to arrive in Bristol since Banksy left for LA,” Vx serves an eclectic menu of burgers, pizza calzones, veganized doner kebabs, nachos, and European style pastries such as croissants, éclairs, and cream buns. Additionally, the shop is a minimart with vegan items, creates its own Secret Society of Vegans clothing line, and fosters the attitude that “veganism doesn’t have to be unimaginative or limiting.” The granola-crunching stereotype previously associated with veganism is fading into the background stateside as well with vegan restaurants breaking into various genres. Amongst many others, Matthew Kenney’s Venice, CA restaurant Plant Food + Wine is shaking up fine-dining, New York City’s wildly-successful soon-to-be chain by CHLOE is ripping through the fast-casual category, and the upcoming opening of San Diego’s Kindred—a vegan bar with a heavy metal edge—will put the nail in the coffin about the versatility of veganism.

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