Vegan Doctor Featured on Fox News

Dr. Michael Greger discusses How Not to Die on national television.


In a recent appearance on Fox News, author and vegan doctor Michael Greger discussed longevity tips from his new book How Not to Die. The segment opens with a statement that 1.6 million Americans die from chronic diseases annually and introduces Greger as an authority on curative foods that are proven to prevent and reverse disease. The doctor moves along a table filled with vegan food and explains how each item relates to fighting disease. Greger touts the benefits of legumes, which he says decrease premature death by eight percent per ounce consumed regularly. The doctor goes on to reveal that purple cabbage contains 36 anti-cancer compounds, mushrooms—even the white button variety—boost immunity, and ground flax seeds “work two to three times better than leading blood pressure drugs but without the side effects.” In addition to Greger’s advocacy for treating and preventing disease through vegan foods, Dr. Neal Barnard’s Barnard Medical Center—a fully plant-based medical facility—is currently taking appointments and is slated to open today.

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