Avocado Tops Superfoods Google Search Queries

Google analytics reveal avocado, kale, and turmeric are hot searches around the country.


A new search report compiled by digital marketing agency Search Laboratory uncovered the most frequently searched superfoods in the United States. The report relied on data from Google trends and Google’s Keyword Planner function to determine the location and frequency of searches. With an average of 49,500 searches per month nationwide, avocado topped the list of the top 10 keyword searches, with kale and turmeric not far behind—40,500 and 33,100 searches, respectively. Coconut and almond both appear on the top 10 list, which researchers indicate is related to “a resurgence of dairy-free alternatives.” Similarly, the report places flax at number nine on the list with 5,400 monthly searches, linking its popularity to the superfood’s use as an egg replacer in vegan baking. When broken down by location, the report identified ten cities with the most searched for superfoods. Residents of Portland, OR search for superfoods the most—with turmeric being the most frequent food search in the city—followed by Seattle, WA, where the favorite superfood search is kale. Three California cities—Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco—made the list with turmeric, avocado, and flax topping the searches in those cities, respectively.

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