Miami to Get First All-Vegan Delicatessen

Miami to Get First All-Vegan Delicatessen

Atlas Meat-Free Deli to expand the vegan butcher culture to Florida.


Atlas Meat-Free Delicatessen is slated to open in Miami, FL in early 2017. The deli is a brick-and-mortar extension of the eponymous faux-meat and cheese company founded by chef Ryan Bauhaus and his wife four years ago. While the menu at the deli is still in development, Bauhaus ensures that it will consist of “plant-based food cleverly disguised as meat-centric comfort food” and feature the brand’s take on faux meat and cheese—made with vegetables and grains and without preservatives. “My goal as a chef has been to focus on food and make the best product possible,” Bauhaus tells VegNews, “a product that reminded me of food I loved and missed … nothing else.” The chef envisions drawing a mixed crowd of people with his plant-based creations. “Meat is a drug and America is strung out,” Bauhaus says, explaining that he has opted to mimic animal products to offer “transitional therapy” for those looking to change their diets. “Imagine going from a Juicy Lucy burger and a side of fries, to a plate of sprouts with Aztec grains and a side of beans?” Bauhaus poses. “It’s too much for the average Joe to process and they would most likely relapse in the first week.” In addition to opening the deli, Bauhaus will make history on February 24 as the only vegan contestant vying for the Schweid & Sons Very Best Burger Award at the South Beach Food & Wine Festival’s Burger Bash, hosted by Rachael Ray.

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