Patagonia Releases “World Saving” Vegan Beer

Outdoor clothing brand launches vegan beer made with new grain kernza.


Patagonia Provisions—a food and drink extension of outdoor apparel company Patagonia– debuted Long Root Ale brewed by Portland’s Hopworks Urban Brewery, a vegan craft beer maker. In addition to two-row barley, yeast, Chinook, Mosaic and Crystal hops, the brand’s organic beer is made with a newly developed wheat variety called kernza—a perennial grain which Patagonia Provisions Senior Director Brigit Cameron says “acts like a sponge for carbon,” due to its deep roots that send nutrients into soil. “All Hopworks beer is proudly vegan,” Patagonia’s brewing partner told vegan website Patagonia developed this beer as an effort to fight climate change—much of which is caused by greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture. “We believe the future of farming lies in organic regenerative agriculture which restores soil biodiversity, sequesters carbon, and efficiently grows crops without chemical fertilizers or pesticides,” the company says. Patagonia’s Long Root Ale is currently on sale at 101 Whole Foods Market locations in California, Oregon, and Washington. On the apparel side, while Patagonia as a brand is not vegan, the company recently partnered with biofabrication company Spiber to source animal-free silk for upcoming new outerwear lines.

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