Presidential Debate to Address Climate Change

Presidential Debate to Address Climate Change

“Will you reduce support for animal agriculture to counter climate change?” is currently on the roster of questions to be considered for the next presidential debate.


For the first time in history, candidates will answer the public’s questions during the next presidential debate, to be held at 9pm EDT on October 9. In an effort to “empower regular citizens to join the dialogue as equals,” the Presidential Open Platform created a submission forum for questions drawn from internet users. Moderators from ABC and CNN will consider the 30 most popular questions, as determined by votes. Currently, one of the top questions for consideration (with over 16,000 votes) was posted by President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Ingrid Newkirk. “The U.S. is set to miss its 2025 environmental targets,” Newkirk says. “Given that animal agriculture produces 51% of greenhouse-gas emissions, will you protect the environment by promoting a plant-based lifestyle?” The platform synthesized Newkirk’s original question with that of other users concerned about the presidential candidates’ stance on the issue of animal agriculture in relation to climate change. Users can vote for the question, “Will you reduce support for animal agriculture to counter climate change?”—currently in the 25th slot—through the start of the next presidential debate.

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