Swiss Army Declares Vegan Fit for Service

Antoni Da Campo wins discrimination battle after refusing to wear leather boots as part of mandatory military service


After months of court hearings, the Swiss Army declared vegan Antoni Da Campo “fit” for service. In January, Da Campo was discharged from mandatory service in the Swiss Army—which comes with a hefty fine of relinquishing three percent of one’s income to the army until age 30—for refusing to wear leather boots. Da Campo took the army to court and after losing two appeals the judge asked that Da Campo and army representatives settle the matter out of court. The Swiss army conceded on their previous declaration and welcomed Da Campo to serve, allowing him to purchase his own vegan boots. “Vegans should enjoy the same rights and duties as other citizens and not be forced to pay a tax just because they refuse to put [on] boots that involved the killing of animals,” Da Campo says. The 20-year-old is part of Swiss animal rights group EcoAnimalista Party (PEA) and says, “I consider it unfair to kill animals for unnecessary practices for humans.”

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