Vegan Olympic Medalist to Open Microsanctuary

Oldest cyclist to medal in Olympic history begins construction on farmed animal sanctuary in home state of Kentucky.


Vegan Olympic cyclist and former fashion model Dotsie Bausch announced plans to open a “microsanctuary”—a small-scale sanctuary—for farmed animals in her home state of Kentucky by spring 2017. Bausch visited Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, PA recently and spoke with the local news station about her motivation for opening the sanctuary. Upon learning about the cruelty inherent in factory farming, Bausch said, “For me, becoming a vegetarian was instant. I mean, it was an overnight thing.” Bausch has since gone vegan and presented a popular Ted Talk at Chapman University in 2015 entitled “Olympic Level Compassion,” wherein she discussed both the advantages of giving up animal products for health reasons and the ethical motivation behind her going vegan. “I just said I can’t be a party to this. I can’t pay into this industry. This isn’t okay,” Bausch said. At age 39, Bausch became the oldest cyclist to place in the Olympics when she received a silver medal at the 2012 games. Construction on Bausch’s sanctuary—where she hopes to welcome animals rescued from local factory farms—begins in November.

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